Art Wilson Company produces and markets quality soil amendments and fertilizers including Cal-CM Plus™!
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ACG Materials Aquires Arts Wilson Company

ACG Materials, an industry leading producer and processor of high-quality minerals, has acquired Art Wilson Company. For more information – Click Here

Cal-CM Plus Dramatically Outperforms Plain Gypsum!
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The Art Wilson Co. provides quality soil amendments and fertilizers, including Cal-CM Plus Calcium Sulfate and Cal-CM Plus Limestone featuring Rapid Release Technology.

Art Wilson Co.’s Cal-CM Plus products are superior to competitive products in the market for several reasons, including:

  • Our anhydrite-based products are guaranteed 100% Calcium Sulfate, making them superior to all standard gypsum products. The value and efficacy of Cal-CM Plus Calcium Sulfate, as well as ordinary agricultural gypsum, is directly related to its percentage of Calcium Sulfate.
  • All prilled products, including Cal-CM Plus Limestone, have been ground to an extremely fine consistency prior to prilling. Our unique Rapid Release Technology facilitates quick, uniform release of the available nutrients to the soil and plant.
  • All Cal-CM Plus products are listed with OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute), and are suitable for use in certified organic production.